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哥伦比亚大学亚太发展协会 & 纽约有你 联办金融讲座 Financial Seminar, CU-Asia & NYCuni jointly organized

协办公司:  Next Step Prep -

活动:  金融行业的面试要点和未来的职业发展

活动时间:  9/20  15:00-17:00

活动地点:  哥伦比亚大学 房间URIS332






Jeff Wu - BA in Economics from Harvard

Jeff's first job was in Exotic Equities at Deutsche Bank. He had to employ models of bonds, stocks, and foreign exchange, to price and develop structured products for clients, which ranged from high-net-worth clients to sophisticated institutional investors. Since then, he has spent three years on the buy-side as well trading equity index and single-stock volatility and correlation. He currently works at a top-tier investment bank in the flow exotic equities trading as a director.

 Sid Jha - graduated from Harvard University in 2005 with a Bachelor's in Applied Mathematics and a Masters in Statistics as part of a combined 4-year degree. After graduation, he joined JP Morgan's fixed income strategy division starting out in the municipal bonds market. Subsequently he moved onto the the liquid rates strategy desk focusing on futures & options as well as Treasuries/macro strategy. Upon leaving JPMorgan, Sid joined Arrowhawk, a startup hedge fund as the first hire for the commodities trading desk. The focus here was cross-commodity fundamental relative value trading in a diversity of markets including agriculture, oil products, and metals. In addition to working, Sid also authored "Interest Rate Markets", a book intended to be a practical approach to fixed income to go beyond basic primers but stay practical unlike many highly mathematical texts out in the market. In 2012, Sid moved with the commodities division of Arrowhawk as it spun off into a separate hedge fund known as Arbalet with over $600 million in assets. In late 2013, Sid joined Castleton commodities on their multi-commodity desk to manage a commodities trading portfolio and expand trading into a number of new markets including agriculture and metals.


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